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Here at IATIA, we are committed to providing First Class Service to every client we cross paths with. We pride ourselves on helping individuals of all ethnicities, backgrounds, colors, and creeds. Here at IATIA, we are enthusiastic to work with you to ensure your business is properly structured, ensure you are establishing business credit, ensure you have someone who can work in the back office of your business if you are too busy, and ensure all of your tax preparation and notary needs are met and exceeded. We are passionate about helping you. When you win, we all win. When you succeed, we all succeed. Allow IATIA an opportunity to meet and exceed all of your business goals and aspirations.

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Founder and CEO

Tasha Renae was born and raised in a small town, Clarksdale, MS. While Tasha had a rough childhood, she managed to take her past and use it as a ladder to climb her way into her future. Tasha has 3 amazing children, she is a Pastor, and she is passionate about helping others. Tasha understands her destiny and her purpose for being here on earth. Tasha knows God placed her here to help others tap into their gifts and talents. Tasha has worked in the customer service/Financial industry for over 20 years. While Tasha is new to her business, she is no stranger to the industry. Tasha was an AVP at Regions Bank, and she was with the company for a combined total of 12+ years. Tasha is a licensed Insurance Producer, and she possesses a wealth of knowledge in the Building/Structuring of businesses, establishing business credit, Tax Preparation, Insurance, and much more. Because Tasha is passionate, she is in this industry to help struggling businesses THRIVE. Tasha wants to see you and your business flourish.

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